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Tokyo #603 - Tanned & Red sling leather camera strap

This crossbody camera strap is made thinking in all the details but putting special attention on the security of your camera gear and the comfortability during the long days of shootings. 

This single sling camera strap is made using only premium leather (the best quality leather on the market) and is finished carefully one by one with natural tint color and natural cream. We ensure that all the material we used have the best quality and all the pieces are super strong; The carabiners are made of high strength steel coated with nickel coupler, the connector swivels smoothly and locks perfectly to ensure the safety of your camera, and, the " safety catch" will also connect to your camera; Triple protection. 

This leather camera strap is a unique artisan masterpiece made to last and it can be used with all the cameras on the market because it is attached using the tripod connector (1/4"). 


  • SMALL: Maximum height of 170 cm and below, but please if you're broad or do you like to have the camera holding down to your hip then size up.
  • LARGE: Height between 170 - 200 cm but please if you are slender or do you like to have the camera holding up to your hip then size down. 


  • Premium leather camera strap fully made with red sewing. Fix the camera to your strap using the tripod connector. 
  • Adjustable length. 
  • Included Inside the box:
    1 x tripod connectors.
    1 x protective eco cotton bag.
    1 x handmade strong carton box.

    SKU: TOK-603-S

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Chiara Lombardi
    Practical harness, makes shooting comfortable and convenient.

    Thanks for the amazing leather strap, it’s perfect!

    Francesca Greco
    Absolutely in love with this strap! Makes carrying my camera a breeze

    This is exactly all I hoped it would be, fantastically well made and excellent quality, great value. The customer service was outstanding too, and I received it far quicker than anticipated given the current climate. I can recommend enough and will definitely buy from this seller again! Thanks

    Amazing. It works perfect on my camera!

    I absolutely love this strap! So much better than one that goes around the neck and hurts the posture. This is comfortable, adjustable, light but sturdy. The shop owner also sent me a special ring since I have a canon and the original clip wasn't working. She sent it for free and it solved my issue completely. Highly recommend!!!

    Federica Moretti
    A very nice handmade product!

    I absolutely love it! I cannot wait for better wheater and go out shooting with my kids!

    Alberto Nelson
    Couldn't recommend it enough. Superb quality and looks great too!

    A very good strap. Been looking for one for a while and finally decided on the brown leather version. Glad l chose it, the red stitches give the strap a unique characteristic and originality while still maintaining a minimalistic design and look complimenting vintage type cameras like my Retina. The strap is simple and useful, two words when paired up is hard to find nowadays. A company that truly understands style and usefulness.