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We are extremely happy to close the international fundraising campaign with a total final collection of 178.700€ !!

We are extremely happy to close the international fundraising campaign with a total final collection of 178.700€ !!

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we have the idea to organize a charity campaign called #fotoscontralacovid (‘Photos against COVID’, in Spanish). So, in only 7 days we launched an online platform with original works by some of the best photographers of Spain and Latin America, as well as other countries, we put on sale each photograph for 100€ shipping included! 

The campaign it go viral on social media and quickly all the Spanish media wrote and article about us, all the television and radio mentioned the charity campaign and were overwhelmed for a while, we got more than 78.000€ on the first week!. The campaign it was closed last May 18th with a total takings of 178.700€ and we sent all the benefits to the COVID-19 emergency fund started by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors Without Borders) to fight the pandemic.

All the money raised from the sale of the photographs on the web platform it was managed by our friends in Barcelona NGO RUIDO Photo, all the printing it was made by our friends based in Milan Linke Lab and we create the platform, organize the calling with photographers and ship more than 1.800 photographs!! 

In order to show the maximum transparency we supervise and also asked to all the partners involved on the campaign to make public all the final numbers with the cost of production and shipping. 

All the campaign's expenses have been:

Printing the photographs by company LinkeLab: 23,312,42€
Shipments of photographs in Spain through GLS: 2,792.78€
Shipments of international photographs through UPS: 2,922.78€
Shipments of the photos returned to sender through the company Correos: 286.35€
Website creation: 498€
Issuance of certificates through the NGO Ruido Photo: 302.5€
Website hosting and domain registered through Shopify: 164.49€
Purchase of Packaging material for shipments on Amazon: 30.77€
The final donation was 144,416.76€ to the emergency fund of Doctors Without Borders. 

Serena organizing more than 1.800 photographs when arrived at our studio in Barcelona: 
Jordi organizing the orders . / A photograph of Daniel Ochoa del Olza. 
Marta taking carton boxes and stickers to work at home. / Detail of more than 800 orders ready to ship in our studio. 
Detail of Cristina García Rodero photograph. / Deatil of Antoine D'Agatha photograph. 
Detail of the certificated expedited by Medicos sin Fronteras España. 

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